johnnybookDear Reader,

It used to be in the Eighteenth Century that graduates of Oxford and Cambridge would pack up their school supplies and instead of any longer studying the Renaissance they left for a grand tour of Europe in order to live it. I mean to pick up where they left off, drinking from the wells of art and culture that western civilization first used to quench its thirst along its marathon that ends in humanity and has no finish line, and then peeling off to live with locals in a way that will last in your soul for just as long if you let it.  I try to string together travel moments with a thread of a common theme or nearness and ease to get to from one another and then turn these moments into one larger moment that the Johnny Book team likes to refer to as a momencé. The one qualification we have for a moment to make it into a momencé is that it be worthy of your first three days in Europe no matter the city. That’s traveling Johnny Book and I write about it in stories, in quick reference guides that are pictures and captions only, and also book recommendations that pair well with travel and that take the form of letters to their authors, because what is a good book if not good travel; both are just journeys which mean something to us, after all. Long live the Renaissance.

Johnny Book.