The Johnny Book travel site consists of two parts. These being: 

Part 1. Moment Designs.

These are blind dates between you and the cities that I love. I spent the years of my youth trying to convince friends not to do the Louvre or to climb up the Eiffel Tower because Paris, the real Paris, was waiting. The cool kids, I would say, are in this neighborhood, or on that street. But I only have so many breaths in life. Wasted they were on any who were going to Europe for their first three times, because they were going to hit the Louvre and they were going to hit the Eiffel Tower, and so it morphed into this. It morphed into my making little mornings or afternoons not trying to avoid the sites people were going to see but embracing them, combining them, molding them into real Paris in an easy to follow path. If it’s a museum that overwhelms the soul to exhaustion, then next is a five minute stroll through Paris to a park for sitting and not contemplating anything at all except how you’re going to keep your ice cream from dripping and staining the grass. In one morning or in one afternoon I hope you might experience all of the seasons of a moment and just like with any good first date it feels complete and full and it lasts. I’ll never write about a place I did not personally experience and my photographer will never post a photo she did not take. Neither stock photos nor stock paragraphs are welcome on the Johnny Book travel site.

Part 2. The Journal. 

This is as intimate as it comes, this bond you and I share, because it’s not a bond forged of silly things like common interests but of time and place and that both have meaning. That’s why I’ve worked so hard to record my time here, so that you have no doubt what these times and these places have meant to me. It’s true what they say that this journal is the untold stories of Europe, but also it’s the told stories, just with different endings. I suppose the endings I’ve recorded here are the endings I’ve always thought these stories deserved. The longer stories I’ll serialize, just like my friend and colleague F. Scott Fitzgerald used to do in publications similar to the Johnny Book travel site, such as Cosmopolitan magazine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you? 

I’m a travel writer writing under the pen name of Johnny Book, who is an alter ego representing the very best in me that good travel brings out.

What do you do?

I write about not just travel but finding real moments and memories that last long after the departure flight lands back home. So whether day or night, good or bad, we always have those moments in reserve and in our dreams.

What is the goal of the company/website?

To make people’s lives more beautiful by showing them good travel that combines both the famous historical sites they are going to go to no matter what, but also the enchanting modern experiences that only Europe can provide. 

Who is your target audience?        

Anyone who only has a few days in a city, and probably during their first three trips to that city and wants to do famous attractions plus real-life modern culture found nowhere else but in that city.

What was the genesis behind the idea for the company?

Hoping to give people the kinds of evenings I’ve found in Paris that still haven’t ended because they’ve stayed with me. 

Who is behind the company?

Me, the writer, and my photographer, the secret weapon behind the Instagram and travel pictures.

Why should we care?

Because too many people spend thousands of dollars and months in planning and logistical rearranging of life only to spend their traveling days in line, in crowds, and in a situation that will only be forgotten. Enchantment and unforgettable times with friends and family exist just around the corner, if only you know where to look, and how to get there. 

What makes Johnny Book different from what’s on the market today? What makes you unique?

I share good travel experiences not just with a typical drive-by-paragraph-blurb like, Top Ten Unrelated Bakeries Spread Across Paris!,  which are all unpractical to get to or nowhere near the famous sites people aren’t going to go without, but I write about travel moments by stringing together a series of historical and modern places and people, which are all, like good stories, related by closeness in geography or theme.