Johnny Book: Behind the Scenes

1. My glass of Champagne from which my photographer specifically asked me not to drink. 






2. My photographer’s glass of Champagne. 





 3. The closet where one of my favorite novelists James Hilton hid to observe and to write one of my favorite novels called Lost Horizon, which is a slow-burn account of the wonders of a place called Shang-ri La, where you don’t really age and time slows wonderfully down and there’s really no reason to leave.




4. The weirwood tree that the Three Eyed Raven used for his afternoon tea at Ting of the Shangri-La. Now that Bran has taken over he uses it sometimes, but if you’re lucky enough to see him, a helpful travel hint is do not let him entice you into a game of I Spy. Even if he begs. It is not fun and you will lose. 





5. The Bridge to Terabithia 



6. East Terabithia 





 7. Terabithia upon Thames. 


8. My toiletries kit. There was some confusion with my production staff. I thought I was checking-in until they reminded me we were still on a start-up budget. 





9. Where the dude lives who works Tower Bridge. Another travel tip for you: the dude working there WILL NOT open the bridge so that people having tea 32 stories up can pretend the bridge below is pinching their fingers. 



10. The original Free Love Freeway.