Musée Rodin

I’m traveling to Musée Rodin this morning and thought I’d live tweet it, since that’s the fashion of the day, and Paris is nothing if not fashionable.

Well…it’s my FIRST MORNING in PARIS!!! So what else is there to do but go to a museum?!?!




Guess what! The line to Musée Rodin (or Rodin Museum;) only took like fifteen minutes but I ALSO just bought the PARIS MUSEUM PASS in the EXACT SAME LINE, which gets me into like EVERY OTHER MUSEUM IN PARIS!!!




Leaving the ticket office and heading into the museum itself, but I hope it’s not going to be too stuffy in there like all the museums back home :/




I literally just stepped INTO a museum by stepping OUTSIDE into a garden! This MUSEUM…is literally…. a GARDEN!!!






Checking out a bronze cast called The Gates of Hell. It’s based off of Dante’s Inferno but there’s sooo much jampacked into one sculpture that it’s hard to see all the intricate little details!!! They should make like single, life-size images of some of the smaller individuals depicted in this piece.



Well. Let me have it. The garden is literally littered (like the alliteration?!?!?;) with giant, life-size sculptures that Rodin plucked right from The Gates of Hell. Getting some good one-on-one time with a few of those sculptures right now…as we speak!!!!




I’ll hand it to Rodin!!! His artwork sure does speak to me!!! But all this conversation has made me so thirsty that I am literally parched! Too bad they don’t make outdoor cafés for museums :(((





OMG THERE IS A CAFÉ IN THIS MUSUEM AND IT IS SOOO OUTSIDE!!!!  But I bet you have to buy like a whole bottle of wine instead of just the perfect-sized drink. I feel like Indiana Jones chasing the grail cup.




The café at Rodin’s gardens serve HALF-BOTTLES of rosé! Just perfect for two people!




Finishing up Rodin’s gardens at a sculpture called The Thinker. People wonder what he’s thinking about but I honestly think he’s just trying to plan a vacation but can’t figure out where else in the world he would want to go except for PARIS?!?!?!